The Alpha Meets His Mate

The Alpha Meets His Mate

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Keeley.B By Keeley-B Updated Jan 10, 2017

Rewritten version: chapters are posted at my leisure. 
 Rewritten Chapters one to twelve are now up.
 Cover credit goes to OnyAnonymous

He was darkness 
He was ruthless 
He was what goes bump in the night 
He was fear 


She was light
She was innocent 
She was strong 
She was what kept the beast at bay
She was hope 

Dominic Harrison the strongest alpha in the world, had searched through pack after pack for his mate coming up bare handed until one eventful afternoon. At this time he was not looking for her and he found her; she was beautiful, she was smart and she was strong; she was everything he wanted, everything he needed. 

Follow the story of Alpha Dominic Harrison, and Alison Summers as they overcome the many obstacles the moon goddess has decided to throw at them; watch them face a number of hardships and follow their story of love, lust and war.
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lukelover555 lukelover555 Dec 15, 2017
Not here to judge but you keep switching from first person to third person
I'm assuming 'I fired my arrows' is 'Alison fired her arrows'?
lilprinxess lilprinxess Sep 03, 2017
I'm a german girl and i hate english. Bit i like ur story.. 😂😂 
                              I dont understand something but i dont care haha
Me and my friend have like a pack thing my bestest friend forever is Alpha and im beta we have our Delta,Gamma,Zeta,omegas and warriors but the pack is called the blooded moon pack lol
Does he mean 'finally' as in 'finally, I've found you' or 'finally, you're asleep' ?
That-Seahawk-Chick That-Seahawk-Chick Jan 31, 2015
ugh, Can you edit some of the chapters. Thank You, Also who made your Awesome Cover