Bring Peace

Bring Peace

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Val By Inspired-By-Many Updated Jul 25, 2016

Name: Kurai Uchiha

Age: 12-16

clan: Uchiha

Mother: Sora Uchiha(Deceased)

Father: Shisui Uchiha(Deceased)

Sensei: Madara Uchiha

Dream/Goal: Continue Madara's legacy, Bring peace by continuing Madara's plan, Have his
revenge on Danzo

Background info: Was taken by Zetsu when he was 2. Was taught by Madara. Kurai found out about the Uchiha massacre and became cold. Kurai thinks of Madara as a father and Zetsu as a brother.

Why is Danzo trying to kill him?

Why Does Iwagakure Want Kurai dead?

What is the true story behind Kurai?

Will Kurai achieve peace?

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto only the ones i made up like Kurai, Hiromi and Zakuro


  • kakashi
  • madara
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • sasuke
  • sharingan
  • tsukuyomi
  • uchiha
  • zetsu
Freakin Eito that Bastard!!!'
                              *Bursts in and beats up Eito*
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The not-having-periods-or-exclamations-or-question-marks-thing really does irritate me I tell you.
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I was literally just steal my cousins bottle from him when I was 2 😂😂
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I learned to walk at eight months. The next five consisted of me separating Polly Pocket into five pieces. And eating M&M's off the floor. 
                              I also recall using 'bumble bee' as an insult.
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Wait so Kurai was born on the that itachi massacre he uchiha clan