Take it Slow // Barry Allen

Take it Slow // Barry Allen

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Just A Daydreamer By xrevveriex Updated Aug 17, 2015

❝ Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy.❞ ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Barry Allen is a hero. When he was 11, his mother was murdered by something impossible. That was his tragedy-- or so he thought.

Raine Knox moved to Central City for a second chance at life, and when she finds a boy struck by lightning, she's given one. 

The two were destined to meet, but never to fall in love. But somehow, in a turn of events, Raine and Barry find themselves falling for each other. And as destiny begins to pull Raine away from Barry, he begins to find out that Raine isn't what she seems. 

Will Barry be able to save Raine and find love in a world that fought against it?

Or will she become his next tragedy?

kaylynn036 kaylynn036 Aug 11
What if she's secretly Harley quin but she moved to central because the joker cheated on her. And she changed her name because she couldn't deal with the pain😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Me with my crush. He knows I like him tho, and literally taunts me with the fact that he does. Not with words, but actions.........
Swap out wavy for curly hair and hazel for green eyes and you've got me! Without glasses tho.
Let's take a moment of silence for Eobard Thawn Sr.
                              I'm good
Barry: *clears his throat* my name is barry allen and im the fastest man alive. most people think im just a forensic scientist but secretly i work with my friends at star labs to fight crime and find oth
dessthemess dessthemess Aug 09
CC Jitters! 
                              Where the coffee is hot and Barry Allen is hotter!