Alpha's Omega Mate ✔

Alpha's Omega Mate ✔

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StarfireStone By StarfireStone Completed

1st Person Point Of View (POV) Book

- Cliché 


Krystal, like all she-wolves has been waiting for her mate since she was a little girl but with being an omega the chances of being rejected are very high.

Though she doesn't care until she gets rejected. Still, she manages to survive but how long can she last? How long until her body breaks down? And will she find her second chance mate? 

Double Warning:

This is just another cliché story for your cliché minds. It is VERY cringe worthy.

There are some Mature content such as pictures, sexual scenes, language and reference (rape etc.) but there are NO warnings. Read the first couple of author's notes to see the rest of the warnings but if you skip, please don't complain to me.

Also, the check marks mean the chapter has been rewritten but was kept as close to the story line as possible.





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mamanikk mamanikk May 05
People who say mean things, are miserable, unkind and unlikable people. Don't allow people who allow fear to lead their lives to stop your dream. Misery loves company.
personally, you should just ignore the haters because while there are quite a few haters, the people that are here for you and support you should be the only ones that matter. Overall, your choice :)
Ignore those assholes I just started reading you're book and I was loving it I was sad to see you took it off but I understand I hope you post it back on wattpad
Am I early and I saw that you said it was cliche but let me tell you, ........
                              All the best books are
Should just keep it here because I won’t like to u I think this is the one that actually goes into that little detail 
                              Mean it’s all up to u I won’t tell u what to do 😃
And don’t listen to idiots that comment rude things on ur books they are jealous cause they don’t got the skills to pay the bills