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Beetle In The Shadow (A Shino Aburame love story)

Beetle In The Shadow (A Shino Aburame love story)

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Olive By tweNtyonEpiLots6 Updated Nov 22, 2015

Shikai Nara has always lived in the shadow of her twin brother Shikamaru, because he was born first which made him the future of the Nara clan. No matter how good Shikai was, Shikamaru was always one step ahead. As smart as Shikai is, Shikamaru is always smarter. No matter what she does, Shikamaru is better at it. Now, it isn't like her brother tries to be that way, it just happens. And honestly, no one thinks he really notices that he is doing it.

Shikai is placed on squad 8 with her best friend Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuga, and Shino Aburame. Now, this could lead to be a good thing since Shikai had always wanted to befrined Shino, but never had the nerve to talk to him in fear that he wouldn't like her. As time goes on, the two slowly become incredibly close. Will it lead to something else, or will Shikai always be a passing shadow?


my wattpad keeps glitchnig out while I'm trying to read the story
                              I read this part like 5 times :(
NekoMadHatter NekoMadHatter Jun 20, 2016
I am this close to crying but I just.. Can't. I'm not very emotional.. I'm crying on the inside.. I think.
X_LonelyDisaster_X X_LonelyDisaster_X Dec 20, 2016
it used to be that way with my sister and i.Always getting the good grades and reports while i did good too but never was recognized the way she was.
Xthe_angel_of_deathX Xthe_angel_of_deathX Feb 24, 2016
*pulls out shotgun*GIVE HER PRAISE ON HER WIN OR DIE OLD MAN!!!!!!!!
CharisRosario CharisRosario Dec 09, 2015
This is awful. Please rewrite it completely and maybe go to or archive of our own. It is best for you to start reading good literature and get off this kiddie website.
Harmonic_Melodie Harmonic_Melodie Jun 28, 2015
I call my big brother bubby. It was the first word I said. I feel like I was trying to say 'brother' but it didn't work. but it stuck. his real name is Wes!