Coffee & Criminals (Editing)

Coffee & Criminals (Editing)

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♡ I should be doing homework ♡ By HessianKills Completed

18 year old Florence Remy has three things that mean the world to her: Books, her parents, and her parents' coffee shop the Espresso House in downtown Brooklyn, New York. As a small business amongst huge corporations, Florence and her parents struggle to make ends meet. However, they remain optimistic and happy. The coffee shop may not bring in much, but it's enough to keep them on their feet.

But what happens when a group of dangerous Brooklyn mobsters force Florence's parents into giving them co-ownership of the shop? Crime boss and leader Wolfe Sterling takes a great interest in the tunnels that lead past the Espresso House cellar. Dirty business is what he's best at and dragging people into his dangerous (and illegal) activities are no bother. But things go sideways when he also takes a strange interest in Florence.

And it really doesn't help that he's hotter than freshly brewed coffee...

I mean, I guess it makes it kinda better cause it would be weird if they were some creepy old man and they took an interest to her... I guess it doesn't help though
everyonelovesfoods everyonelovesfoods Dec 03, 2016
Once I saw that picture of that coffee I knew I had to get some coffee
vnessabby vnessabby Dec 12, 2016
Will the MC lose an eyebrow like November did? I'm curious to know. 😂
reading_rainbow_cats reading_rainbow_cats Dec 30, 2016
I just finished accidentally kidnapped so hopefully this one will be just as amazing, if not, better! I can't wait to make new friends in the comments again, loved you all previously 😂
AnaBadass AnaBadass Nov 18, 2016
When I am old enough I want to move to New York 😄😄😀
originalsiren originalsiren Dec 31, 2016
So excited to read this!!! I read Accidentally Kidnapped and they were talking about  this book and I needed to read!!