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Coffee & Criminals

Coffee & Criminals

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♡ I should be doing homework ♡ By HessianKills Completed

18 year old Florence Remy has three things that mean the world to her: Twizzlers, her best friends Ade and Clancy, and her parents' coffee shop the Espresso House in downtown Brooklyn, New York. As a small business amongst huge corporations, Florence and her parents struggle to make ends meet. However, they remain optimistic and happy. The coffee shop may not bring in much, but it's enough to keep them on their feet.

But what happens when a group of dangerous Brooklyn mobsters force Florence's parents into giving them co-ownership of the shop? Crime boss and leader Wolfe Sterling takes a great interest in the tunnels that lead past the Espresso House cellar. Dirty business is what he's best at and dragging people into his dangerous (and illegal) activities are no bother. But things go sideways when he also takes a strange interest in Florence.

And it really doesn't help that he's hotter than freshly brewed coffee...

I first read this while you were still writing it. Let's see how the editing went (probably amazingly well)
Awww this actually put a smile on my face after reading the first few chapters of a horribleee book
Finally! Someone who appreciates my ever-so-present tardiness!!
I wanna meet:
                              Liza koshy 
                              David Dobrik
                              One Direction
                              Grayson Dolan
                              Ethan Dolan
                              SHAWN MENDES
                              Jennifer Lawrence
                              THEO JAMES
                              Emna watson
                              Connor Franta
                              Caspar Lee
                              Zoey Sugg
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                              Alfie Deyes
                              Zayn Malik
                              The chainsmokers
                              Lily Singh
                              And the list goes on and on and on. . .
Sasan33 Sasan33 Mar 02
Ade had a Canadian newspaper... Is this some kind of foreshadowing?
My toes are super long and spread out it's super weird ugh I hate it