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Cliche and Facepalm Worthy PJO Fanfictions

Cliche and Facepalm Worthy PJO Fanfictions

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Diana By everythingwastaken99 Updated Dec 06, 2015

Hi! So, just what the title says, really. Remember, this is JUST MY OPINIONS and it may contradict what A LOT of people think, but other parts might be better. If you don't like one thing that I say, PLEASE don't stop reading just because of it.
Disclaimer: a lot of Rick Riordan's characters (duh) and if I say something similar to what someone else did, I'm sorry and I probably wasn't trying to copy them.
Thanks and please read!

She'd naturally be good at archery and stealth. THAT'S IT. THE OTHER SH*T COMES WITH PRACTICE
Yeah, I get annoyed with these, especially once she's blessed by all the Gods, or if she's the daughter of Hera.
If Thalia ever DID befriend a daughter of Artemis (and I'm not even going to bother trying to drill the whole maiden goddess thing into their thick skulls), it would probably be on Artemis' orders to bring them into the Hunt or something. SHE'D KNOW
Its_KittyCat101 Its_KittyCat101 Aug 01, 2016
How to make a demigod OC that was born from a maiden goddess: You don't
The_Planet_Needs_Me The_Planet_Needs_Me Sep 24, 2016
*adjusts classes* *straightens paper* *clicks pen* ill get right on it miss
SophieTheLoaf SophieTheLoaf Oct 09, 2016
Oh hey! I'm writing one like that! The mc is one of the companions of the guy who got the quest c: