From Rejection To Perfection

From Rejection To Perfection

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Fallenlove15 By Fallenlove15 Updated Jan 06, 2018

Angel loveheart, age 16 was a girl who was bullied by her pack members even her twin brother Nick who's the beta.

Cliche, right? You're wrong

No one cared about her and treated her like their Slave, she tolerated it all with a poker face that always worked. 

Until the day of the future alpha Will Goode, who was turning 16 and was about to find his mate, all girls crossed their fingers to be the lucky one. 

The day of his birthday arrived and he finds that Angel is his mate and immediately rejects her but instantly regrets it. 

Every pack member laughs making fun of her.

That's when Angels had enough, she runs to the stage, grabs the microphone and utters 13 words that makes the whole room silent (no seriously you could hear a pin drop)

"I'll be back and when I am, let's just say Karma's a bitch"

And indeed it is.

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Sweetest_Berry Sweetest_Berry Jun 27, 2017
The most dangerous thing you could do after smoking weed is kill a bag of doritos. 😭
MizzPrincessAriel6 MizzPrincessAriel6 Nov 15, 2017
Not sure 🤔 how I feel about this book but I’m going to give it a try
sunhine28 sunhine28 Feb 12, 2017
Yes girl show them that they can mess with u no more. Good book keep up the good work