The Shadows of the Alpha~Jacob Black~

The Shadows of the Alpha~Jacob Black~

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Emily By EmilyJean96 Updated Dec 13, 2015

I walked slowly over to him and he looked up over his book.
 He smirked, “yes?”

I sat on his lap and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around him. He let out a sigh of relief as I pressed my forehead against his neck. The warm of him brought comfort to me instantly.

“Just hold me, please.” My plea was enough. I kept my breathing steady as much as I wanted to cry. We just sat on the floor curled up in each other. There was nothing sexual about it. I just needed a person and he knew that. He was my person and I needed him and he needed me. We would be that for each other. I layed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I haven’t felt this safe in a long time.

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DrakesEnvy DrakesEnvy Jun 21, 2017
I laughed before I started reading the paragraph😂 then I felt a little guilty and apologized to the lord before I continued reading😩
ffionk_2104 ffionk_2104 Nov 01, 2017
I love her already she's so cute but her grandparents put her in a nut house just 'cause she's been through some sh*t in her life
Maddy_Person Maddy_Person Jun 24, 2017
Same like when I haven't talked in like 12 hours and you try to talk and its jut like a cat slowly clawing at a rough surface
fictionista75 fictionista75 Aug 11, 2017
I cant tell you how refreshing it is to read a well written fanfic. Especially when that piece is a Twilight fanfic. Great job. Ive always thought we got robbed of Jacob's ending.
fictionista75 fictionista75 Aug 11, 2017
DrakesEnvy...i love your comment. 
                              This was a great chapter. Ive always LOVED Paul.
dialoona dialoona Apr 30
I like the way this book starts out , it’s different , refreshing from everything else I’ve read