Broulmates ♡ Ziall AU [COMPLETE]

Broulmates ♡ Ziall AU [COMPLETE]

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lexi!! By cptnrogers Completed

"It's you and Niall are broulmates."

"We're what?"

"Broulmates. You know, bros that are in love with each other. Bros and soulmates."

"...You're an idiot, Liam. We're just friends."

Or the one where Zayn and Niall have huge crushes on each other, and everyone knows but them.

© 2015 by cptnrogers (Lexi).

Warning: rape

Niall is a little defenseless snowflake that needs to be protected at all costs
XNarryInfernoX XNarryInfernoX Aug 11, 2016
I just got a Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes vibe from this and my heart soared
coronarykiller coronarykiller Aug 22, 2016
I'm Larry AF but this is really cute . there's not enough lirry in the world tbh
HollowSoul87 HollowSoul87 Nov 14, 2016
Why the hell do I see "Warning: Rape" in the story's description...