Pushing Forward (Sequel to An Unlikely Duo)

Pushing Forward (Sequel to An Unlikely Duo)

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It seemed like Kayla Ryans and Jake Mitchells had it all figured out when they started their senior year of high school.  Two talented and squared away people who happened to be crazy about each other.  Now four years after they met they cringe at the sound of the other's name and refuse to discuss what happened between them.  What happened?  Clearly they didn't just drift apart.  Now as the summer before their senior year of college starts they will be forced to confront each other and what happened between them.  They've both changed drastically in four years, but when you get rid of all the tension and pain of the past can they fix the mess they've made?

This is the sequel to "An Unlikely Duo" so I strongly recommend you read that first.  The link is below.


Thao-Mi Thao-Mi Aug 05, 2016
Ugh I can't you are such a good writer! 😍 I also can't because Kayla and Jake are not together 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Squirtsre Squirtsre Jun 07, 2016
Can't wait for Jeremy and jake to meet😈 
                              I'm I a bad person?🙁
bloomingpoppy bloomingpoppy Oct 24, 2016
Read it again and I still can't believe what I've just read 😭
AlissiyaJoiner AlissiyaJoiner Jun 21, 2015
lol as long as you keep writing @limitlessop ill keep reading 
limitlessopportunity limitlessopportunity Jun 21, 2015
@AlissiyaJoiner  Thank you so much!  Comments like this make me love writing even more!