Eliza Cullen (twilight Saga: Fan Fic: Book 1)

Eliza Cullen (twilight Saga: Fan Fic: Book 1)

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De-De Halliwell By Deya0302 Completed

I walk through the hallways of the school along with my siblings, we are used to be always together when we arrived to a new school, because of the cravings, if you aren't what we are, you probably won't understand why; the answer it's simple, HUNGER.

I like to say that we all control it, but truth is that not everyone does, there's me and Jasper, we are new to this lifestyle, and we stick together to prevent 'accidents', as we used to live with a different lifestyle, we find it hard to be among the humans, but as our adoptive father, Carlisle said, "if we don't confront it, we may never control it", so that's what we do, we confront our cravings at school, where we surrounded by Humans, all of them with different scents, different weights, different taste, but with our 'condition' we have to be in the middle of my 'brothers' and 'sisters', because if the temptation its strong we can be stopped by one of our siblings.

I look around hugging a book in chest, the scents are to strong t...

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KRC216 KRC216 Oct 02
I don't really care as long as he doesn't hurt Bella again I'm good. To be honest he's ugly
So many run on sentences 👀😂😂 
                              But it’s okay! I love this book too much to even stop reading
Im Getting Ella Enchanted Vibes...Ya Know How Every Command Given, Ella Had To Follow and Be Obedient
daeneen daeneen Sep 21
Omg, i want that gift. It would be so cool.
                              “Miss, no more hw in this year, oh, and I want an A+”.
                              “Crush, kiss me”
                              “Crush, love me”
bugayde bugayde Feb 18
I Love this book its so cool I didn't know Bella had a sister!!!?!!!!