Anime Oneshots x Reader *Requests CLOSED!*

Anime Oneshots x Reader *Requests CLOSED!*

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dramatyphoon By dramatyphoon Updated Dec 23, 2016


Hai there!

This is a book for any x reader requests that you send in! 

I can do one-shots, lemons, limes, fluff, anything that you request!

I can do stories on the following animes (** PLEASE try to choose from this list in order to recieve the best story quality **)

Fairy Tail
Blue Exorcist
Black Butler
Attack on Titan 
Soul Eater 
My Little Monster 
One Piece
Tokyo Ghoul
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note
Deadman Wonderland
Future Diary
Kuroko no Basuke
Assasination Classroom
One Punch Man
K Project
No Game No Life
Angel Beats
Seven Deadly Sins
Boku no Hero Academia
Bungou no Stray Dogs
Cowboy Bebop
Killing Stalking 

I only do ONE REQUEST PER PERSON PER SESSION. Meaning, each time requests are open, you only get 1 request for 1 character for the duration of that open session in order to satisfy the overflow of requests that I get.

The wait time for requests is usually 2-3 days, but if something comes up, I will notify you!

**I do NOT own any of the characters or any aspects of the anime stated above. They belong to the creators of that specific anime.**

Warning!: There may be a lemon or lime included later on in this story. That means there will be sexual content, and I will announce which parts those will be in.

Lastly, feel free to send in a request through comments, private messages, and my message board!

Enjoy ♡☆

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IneedzLife IneedzLife Apr 03, 2017
Hello! If you have time can you please make a Kankuro x reader lemon. Second choice :Shikamura x reader lemon. If you can't i understand
Maddisach Maddisach Mar 25, 2017
If it's still open can u do a juuzou suzuya x reader neko or uta x neko ghoul reader
jojo684 jojo684 Jun 22, 2016
Can you a fluff one-shot of either Aizawa or Katsuku from Boku no Hero Academia? :D Please and thank you!! <3
Chim99 Chim99 Dec 31, 2016
Still open request?
                              I would like to request a haikyuu x reader
                              Bokuto x reader lemon please :)
Can you do a Koro-Sensei X Reader lemon I really craving for it plllsss
747_trash 747_trash Jul 24, 2016
Author chan~ can you do an Armin X reader or a ciel X reader?? It would be much appreciated!!! Thanks