Down Chick 2: The Hunt

Down Chick 2: The Hunt

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Leis By ThatOneUrbanChick Updated Mar 24, 2017

Lakeisha Moss hasn’t been the same person since almost losing her life, the loss of her first child, and leaving Angel behind in an attempt to live a “normal” life. She’s quickly losing her trust in those around her, while being resigned to university life, listening to her grandparents’ advice, and finding that there’s something underhand not being mentioned. An introduction to a family friend who knows more about her situation than he should, leads to her entanglement in a web of deceptions and lies surrounding a cartel with a hit out on some of the people around. Finding her life in danger all over again, Lakeisha isn’t certain that her situation is any better than it was before. When tensions rise and family secrets began to unveil themselves, Lakeisha finds herself heading down a path of murder, lies, and destruction. 

Angel’s hunt for relatives of the man he killed, has led him into a new level, which includes involvement with an undercover F.B.I agent who needs his help with a cartel that has entered his territory causing ruckus, chaos and a long string of murders—along with a full blown out war between the cartel and the cops. Overwhelmed with a decision to make in regards to joining the cartel’s side or helping the F.B.I take his city back, Angel and his team ultimately must ride hard for each other or be each other demise in a street war that has quickly spilled over into the city. 

When Keish and Angel’s paths cross again, a hunt has begun involving powerful people with determination to make their city an example and lock down on crime and violence, which could end with all of their lives in prison, lost or victorious. Angel’s feelings for Keish haven’t changed in the slightest bit and hers are on the same scale as before. With the world as they know crashing around, the two find that the passion and attraction between has only increased with time apart, leaving the question of their fate together to hang in the balance.

DellaMae1 DellaMae1 Jun 09
I loved book one. I'm just patiently waiting for book two to be complete. Please update soon.
AyanaKnight AyanaKnight Mar 24, 2017
Yessss!!!! 😘😛😝😩 I been waiting for this lol 😂
GermanyClemens GermanyClemens Oct 27, 2017
Ik I'm probably late but I fucks with your work you have a lot of dedication and admiration for your books even though your life is busy and hectic I want to know do you do this for fun as a hobby or do you want to become an author in the near future
namal_fb namal_fb Jun 17, 2015
what is the name of the guy in the front cover of first book?
DellaMae1 DellaMae1 Jul 05
What happens now! Will we ever be able to read about Angel, and his gal kiesha again?