Pure Blood   (One Direction - Vampire Fan Fiction)

Pure Blood (One Direction - Vampire Fan Fiction)

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Abbygail was just going home when she find her whole family killed by five vampires. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. She tries to escape, but there is now way to run from a vampire. But what will the vampires do when they find out that she is a Pure Blood? Will that stop them from drinking her blood? Or will the other Pure Bloods kill her since she is human? But how can Abby live with the people that killed her family? Read to find out....

(The story is much better, trust me!...)

Warning! The speilling erros and shit like that is terrible in this story! Like in the first 15, maybe 20 chapters it's very hard to understand! Not even after the 20 first chapter it is that good, but it's better at least. I will fix it soon! I swear! But that takes a loooot of time!So um... Yeah... Just try to comment on something diffrent then that... I know already! xP

OMG Niall NO Don't Do It You Idiot. niall you are not an idiot though.
I thought liam threw her out of the window onto the roof oops
Gurl if you don't want to make baby vampires with harry i'll do it.
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Music is my life... Literally. I play the guitar, piano,  sing and listen to music 24/7. When I was decorating my room, I painted in the wall "Music is my life"
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Wow didn't know the grammar police were going to be aššholes today