Adopted by Jacksepticeye

Adopted by Jacksepticeye

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Nicky Zebra By grumpycatreads Updated 4 days ago

Okay, really people... +12k reads... you people just don't stop comin

This is a story of a sort of poor orphan named Ash. When she
meets an irish youtuber in the park one day, her life will
never EVER be the same.

Read it if you want, I don't care XP

MoonlightDreemur MoonlightDreemur Dec 19, 2016
It would be funny if Paige sang the "One Last Time" by Lin-Manuel
                              Sorry nobody gets this do they
xXRobinWayXx xXRobinWayXx Sep 01, 2016
Low-key fangirled because Ashley is Halsey's real name and Halsey is one of my favorite singers and I found out only a few days ago that she was born in New Jersey and I live in New Jersey and I'm proud... Where that came from, I have no idea.
loveann13 loveann13 Oct 11, 2016
Fuckig aweosme i love blue and green eyes....reasons why i love Jack..but i dont care if his eye color was something else i would still watch him.
Second_user Second_user Jul 01, 2016
I'm part Irish! Isn't Jack Scottish though? If he's not then I'm sorry.
Kaiaaaa_ Kaiaaaa_ Jul 12, 2016
when someone put plz in a sentence I always imagine them saying it in like a derpy voice and they say it like pliz but just imagine hearing that
powWOWcow powWOWcow Feb 10, 2016
This sounds like me .3. I a relate to this story ALOT except I'm Irish