The Wolf Rejected the Twink {BoyxBoy & FIN}

The Wolf Rejected the Twink {BoyxBoy & FIN}

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Enzo Olivieri is a Beta in the Blood Horizon Pack with his best friend and becoming Alpha, Zev Waters. When Enzo finds his mate, Ivan, he rejects him due to his father's words. But things takes a turn when Ivan agrees to his rejection. Enzo is on a mission to win Ivan's heart and make him his. But what happens when a certain someone has Ivan wrapped around his finger? Enzo is in a battle between Rogues, being a Beta, the pack, and fighting for something right. Once Enzo learns about Ivan's true colors, he realizes that Werewolves aren't the only monsters out there.

Ivan Coen isn't a dumb blonde that everyone thinks he is. He knows Werewolves exist. He knows Werewolves goes to his school and possibly are neighbors with him. But he doesn't mind their existence. Until Enzo comes into his life, rejects him faster than you can say wolfbane, and leaves him. Ivan could give a rat's ass. Now Ivan is trying to stay away from Werewolves, fighting to rescue his best friend (and crush) and cross dresser, Vanessa, his family hiding something from him, and someone coming after him. While trying to get out of the world with Werewolves, Warriors entered Ivan's life and he will learn between Warriors and Werewolves and who's really the bad guy. 

And what is really like to lose someone you love the most.

It all ties to Enzo and Ivan to keep their differences aside and save what's most important to them. 

Hopefully they can save themselves.

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WarBlazeN WarBlazeN May 01
I thought I was reading the other guys pov. the whole time *facepalms*
Yet your father decided to accept his mate OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE YOU EXIST YOU SHET
LovelyMrsA LovelyMrsA Mar 15
Can I be this savage please? If my boyfriend even says anything about break ups I'm a crying baby I want to be on his level of not giving to f**ks about anybody's feelings
Spatavros Spatavros Aug 20
Why the hëll he have you if he told you mates make you weak? He had to mate with his ma didn't he 😐
MeGo7078 MeGo7078 Sep 30
Because he’s a human that need time to develop feelings unlike werewolves who lets their hormones drown them (I mean touché to humans too but ehh)