The  Virgin  Queen

The Virgin Queen

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Elizabeth  the  first was  born   in times  of  great  poltical  and  religious   upheavel  in England  and  Europe,  she  was  the middle child and second  daughter  of  King Henry  the  Viii, after  the  death  of  her  mother   she  was declared   illegimate  and  a bastard child. She  was  not  expected  to  become  Queen  at  least  not  after  her  silbings Edward and Mary.    Elizabeth  had a  troubled   childhood, her   father excueted  her  mother,  he  did not  pay   much attention   to   her,    series  of  stepmothers,  child abuse, fear  of  her  sister  murdering  her  but  despite  all  this  she  emerge  as England's   Greatest  Queen  and  ushered  a  semi  peaceful and  tolerant   reign   known  as   the  Golden  Age and  what  later became  known  as  the  Elizabethan  Age  where   culture, literature and  the arts  were  encouraged. She  kept  both  her  enemies and  suitors  at  bay  until  her   death at  age  70! and  became  the  legend   known as  The  Virgin Queen.

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