Solangelo One-Shots

Solangelo One-Shots

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Porcelain Cas By MoonlightSanity Updated Jan 01

These two are ruining my life.

One shots of Will Solace/Nico di Angelo doing coupley-things, getting together, kissing and jazz like that. (These have all been cross-posted on Archive of Our Own before uploading here)

Wonderful cover created by IrisFlowers13

typhantra typhantra Oct 09
Not to be rude or offend anyone but can someone pls explain what pansexual is. Im so uneducated
My face has turned into the replica of Jeff I'm smiling so hard
No no no. You have been mistaken. I am the pansexual one. Not Nico. Don't worry Lou Ellen. I will forgive you. 😊😘😇😉
not gay!!! then wuts da prpus (2 lazy 2 coplete wordz) of solangelo i might as well just call it di angelo and solace mxd 2gether
nm hes still gay yay guess i read wrong and i swear i have a troll face
Nico you are adorable and the fact that you are fangirling over it makes you even more adorable