Don't Hug Me I'm Scared ( Boyfriend Scenarios)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared ( Boyfriend Scenarios)

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Leatherfaceheartsyou By Leatherfaceheartsyou Updated Sep 25, 2016

Okay before we start all I want to say is I hope you guys like this story and I'll try to update once in awhile okay cool enjoy 😜

Tony the clock : 
You were walking into a clock store because you know your ex boyfriend broke your other one so while you were looking around you didn't notice a really cute boy looking at you until you bumped into him " holy fire truck I'm sorry I didn't see you there ." ( Smosh anyone 😝) " no no it was my fault I didn't see you there either." " ha ha yeah I'm just looking for a new clock cause my ex broke my other one but it's okay." You said while smiling at the stranger " oh okay by the way my name is Tony and yours?" " (y/n) " " well okay (y/n) I can't waste a lot of time here so I'll see you around ." "O-okay bye see you around." With that you left forgetting all about the clock and you kept smiling all day .

Harry : 
Okay you were walking around the library trying to find a good book to read and to forget about your awful ex boyfriend you rolled ...

OH!! DANG YOU JUST GOT OWN TONY! high five don't leave me hanging 😃😐
One question can I have that pokeball thanks *grabs the Paige pokeball and runs *
*slowly takes of headphones and all the sudden *" LETS TAKE A JOURNEY A JOURNEY THROUGH  TIMEEEEEEEEEEE"
Leatherfaceheartsyou Leatherfaceheartsyou Apr 18, 2016
You should watch the princess jellyfish it's the best you'll ever watch
FelicianoXVargas FelicianoXVargas Jan 28, 2016
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SAY I LOVE YOU WAS THE BEST ANIME I EVER WATCHED!!! I never read the manga though..