His R.O.D

His R.O.D

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P Ë Å Ç È By Im_Skywalkin Updated May 11, 2016

Rosay & Ava

Rosay is what you'd call your everyday dopeboy on the come up. A natural born hustler at heart with a bad chick on his arm.

After facing many obstacles along the way, he finally got the Empire he once dreamed of having. Sadly his celebration is cut short once a snake decides to rat him out to the pigs.

Ava had been through so much dealing with Rosay. From cheating and STD's she had been through and seen it all. But Rosay was all she knew, he'd found her roaming the cold dark streets of Detroit years ago and ended up falling in love.

Once Rosay is stuck facing 15 to 20 years from a drug trade gone wrong, Ava's Ride Or Die instincts will have to kick in.

But can she do it with little to no help? Is Ava really down to be His R.O.D?

Read to find out...

⚠For Readers 16+⚠

⚠Strong Sexual Activity⚠

⚠Explicit Language⚠


mentallytatted mentallytatted Aug 29, 2016
I don't deal with cheaters and I damn sure would've left after he gave me a damn std wtf
fwytb_ fwytb_ Aug 28, 2016
somebody would've found him in the dumpster with his throat slaughtered open
August_is_King August_is_King Aug 08, 2016
You a real ROD because I would have left after the first time
no_use_rname no_use_rname Sep 21, 2016
No hating but I hate when book be like I don't know why not I felt safe in his arms
tiohanne tiohanne Jun 17, 2016
Nah man he would have been found in the river by someone you real brave sweetheart real brave cause God knows I would kill him f**** love and ride or die
Amari___ Amari___ Jul 21, 2016
F that. I ain't staying with no dude that gives me a STD. He could give me something incurable like, AIDS/HIV.