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Dragon Rider of the Gods

Dragon Rider of the Gods

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maxperseus130 By maxperseus130 Updated Feb 12

The war with Galbatorix is going poorly, and so, Hera, worried about the fate of her pet world, Alagesia, sends Percy to become a dragon rider, and aid Eragon in his quest. Set during Eldest and right after the Giant war, after Annabeth's death. Chance of Percy falling in love with Arya or another elf. Percy will not display simptoms of heartbreak because it's been a few months since then and has already mourned her.

alayla_burkhart alayla_burkhart 17 hours ago
haha. Poor Hawaii and Crete. It's always the tiny coastal islands that suffer.
Ashtim_aemeon Ashtim_aemeon Apr 23, 2016
Poseidon chill 
                              Also I got an Xbox 360 
                              And the game destiny 
                              So come chill at my place but you best be bringing along mcshizzle and persassy or no deal
moanaalohakai18 moanaalohakai18 Apr 03, 2016
I love both of the series that you are combining, so, I think this will be a great book.
maxperseus130 maxperseus130 Sep 09, 2016
I know the words aren't the same but the phrasing and tone of voice are. Sorry if that might have confused anyone.
NinjaSheep76 NinjaSheep76 Nov 15, 2016
No one wants you to make his love life complicated Aphrobitch!
NinjaSheep76 NinjaSheep76 Sep 09, 2016
Ooh I like those movies! They are basically my favorite movie series! However I haven't watched in a long time, so there for, I don't understand. Sorry.