Blue Tear Drops (Reverse Falls Billxreader)

Blue Tear Drops (Reverse Falls Billxreader)

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Forbids Scythe By ForbiddenLove548 Updated Jul 05, 2015

Your P.O.V
You slowly open your eyes and saw your flowers getting dry. You sit up on the car's chair and panick.

"Mom, are we near to Reverse Falls, hurry I dont want to make my friend's gift dry." You said.

"Dont worry dear, just put it on a base with water." Your mom reassured you.

Your parents decided to move on somewhere breath taking and somewhere which is a small town. The flowers that you were holding was your friend's gift named (Insert Friend's name) and you two were the best friends you guys had. You look at your other side of the window and saw a bunch of pinetrees coming over. There was a big sign that was called Welcome to Reverse Falls! You hold your flower tight and realize your here. You prepare you stuff in your bag and waited for your new home.

*Time skip*

Your parents' car stopped to a very looking-modern house than the other neighbourhood had. You glance at the garden and you quickly grab your bag and your flowers and quickly find your room. You go up stairs a...

So icecream,pineapples, pocky,and how I didn't finish my math homework that's due today....
rubyhiragi rubyhiragi Jun 27
Actually It's Will not bill ,and dipper southeast and Mabel southeast and ,Gideon pines and pacfca northwest ,but who cares? It's your fan fic! 😁
                              Btw love the story can't wait for the next chapters !
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                              Very spelling
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Oh god that me lol like look on my profile and and I'm only 11 lol love this stuff I'm a sinner