2p!F.A.C.E x child reader oneshots

2p!F.A.C.E x child reader oneshots

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You have always seen your father scolding your brothers whenever they swear. As a result, they have to put money in a jar that your father calls it a 'Swear Jar'. As far as you know, Allen and Matthieu have been swearing more when Oliver isn't around so you decided to carry your own swear jar whenever you're with them. To make it a little more interesting is that you get to follow them around the whole day.


Today, Allen and Matthieu decided to take you along with them to get the money they own in an abandoned building.

When you three arrived, there was a man waiting. He seems scared and was shivering.

"So you got our money?" Allen smiled as he let his bat rest on his shoulder.

"P-Please! G-Give me o-o-one more w-week!" The man begged.

"WE ALREADY ****ING GAVE!" Allen yelled.

"Swear jar!" you told him as you pulled out your jar.

"What?! Ugh! Fine!" Allen put his hand in his pocket then threw a...

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