Twin Alpha Mates [BxBxB] {Mpreg}

Twin Alpha Mates [BxBxB] {Mpreg}

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Love is the moment By SaranghaeMoment Updated Sep 04, 2016

James is a siren who just wants a normal life but he gets anything but. James is a 17 year old boy with a terrible ,terrifying past that no one wants to live. He has no friends or family because everyone finds him to be too attractive and lucious ,he an adorable twin who stands at about 5"4 he can very sweet, weird, and likes to put on an emotionless mask but sometimes it becomes real if he recalls his past.

Alex and Alexander Grayson are both searching for their mate, so far they have been to five states and are now heading to the US hoping to find him.

A lot of people from James past are coming back for him will his mates see past his mask and save their mate from himself and his enemies.

Come along on the journey to find out ,this story will at least be 35 pages or more before completion.

No stealing my stories or I will sue you and I don't want to have to do that.

[This is my first story so please don't judge]

Nice, and it's okay, graduations are important. ^_^
                              P's: I have stories too if anyone wants to check them out.
Hadesworld Hadesworld Mar 30
Congrats for whomever is graduating!! Good luck for where this some is going next! (If you're graduating then I meant that too)
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Is poptarts an American thing? I've never heard of them where i live😮
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