Having To Be Silent....(Dinah/Lauren/You)

Having To Be Silent....(Dinah/Lauren/You)

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Ariel By Smiley_Lovatic21 Completed

Three girls who have NEVER met each other, somehow bump into each other.  
Two girls are totally outgoing and speaks their minds.
Where the other has this secret, more like a curse. She is shy, and cannot speak. 
She however can finally speak again when she finds her one and only true love or loves?
Will these girls hit it off or will she be have to be silent, forever?

Since it is finished I will do major editing on it. (Just not sure when)


Cutie8996 Cutie8996 Apr 13
Im Queen of pranks i once stuck green hair die in my friends Shampoo bottle and blue hair die in her conditioner and made the water go cold so the die had time to work
One time I had a full on Prank war with my older cousin and i put baby powder/ temporary hair dye in the shower head and i may had turn my cousin skin purple.. oops
People call me DJ and Dee. It's weird people calling me by it here when everyone calls Dinah dj
SAVAGE-_- SAVAGE-_- Mar 03
Yes! I taped the spray thingy in the kitchen and whenever someone tried to use the sink they got soaked. Use the see though kind of tape.
Wolfy009 Wolfy009 Jun 12
I would probably blabber away from.nervousness and completely embarrass myself