BBS One Shots!

BBS One Shots!

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Blue♤ By ishaboi_blue Completed

Book #2 is out! No more posting one shots here! Hopefully in the second book there better!

Ps. The first ones won't be good because it was my first time doing this, but I think I've gotten better over the years! 

One shots for the dorks!

MistakenlyDifferent MistakenlyDifferent Oct 25, 2016
Yes, everyone has there dark sides, and they'll stay.
                              No matter what.
                              Even if you deny it.
                              They'll stay.
OssyReReWP OssyReReWP Mar 16, 2016
I took that the wrong way, I thought he meant to do as in to hump the house XD
Cometstardjkitten Cometstardjkitten Jun 02, 2016
Teach how to draw, that's is better than my drawing ~love it
BRQCipher BRQCipher Apr 18, 2016
I always say 2 my self that im really delirious and its true i almost stabed margret cuz she broke my dads apart and now im locked here in my room alone in the darkness im like crying and i just needed 2 read something 😭😭😭😭
Sandstorm325 Sandstorm325 Jun 25, 2016
I'm sorry I really am, I mess up spelling all the time but I just can't this is the one spelling mistake I can't pass over
                              Names are to be capitalized
FisheswithFishes FisheswithFishes Jul 16, 2016
Very nice fanfic! Love it, continue! I would love to see more!