BBS One Shots!

BBS One Shots!

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Book #2 is out! No more posting one shots here! Hopefully in the second book there better!

Ps. The first ones won't be good because it was my first time doing this, but I think I've gotten better over the years! 

One shots for the dorks!

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Missy_Malik_13 Missy_Malik_13 Mar 11, 2017
Don't ask why, but I just said 'Omg, chill, Del-rito' 
                              I think it was because I was thinking of Doritos at the time and I just squashed them together. 😅
MistakenlyDifferent MistakenlyDifferent Oct 25, 2016
Yes, everyone has there dark sides, and they'll stay.
                              No matter what.
                              Even if you deny it.
                              They'll stay.
OssyReReWP OssyReReWP Mar 16, 2016
I took that the wrong way, I thought he meant to do as in to hump the house XD
Cometstardjkitten Cometstardjkitten Jun 02, 2016
Teach how to draw, that's is better than my drawing ~love it
InsanelyCrazEy InsanelyCrazEy Apr 18, 2016
I always say 2 my self that im really delirious and its true i almost stabed margret cuz she broke my dads apart and now im locked here in my room alone in the darkness im like crying and i just needed 2 read something 😭😭😭😭
Sunshinesparkles101 Sunshinesparkles101 Feb 05, 2017
Just to clarify. Mini said "What if I turned into a ghost and like, ATE you. Not raped.