Alone in the Sydney, Australia with matted fur and mismatched eyes, is little kitten, Soldier. 

Her mum birthed her and all of her siblings in a box. Being the little Oreo runt out of a white litter of kittens, she was overlooked and beaten many times. So she just ran away. Then tall human, Michael Clifford adopts her from the street. He loves her, feeds her, and cuddles her in the band's group house. 

One night Soldier manages to get outside into the bizarre black storm. When she wakes up, she realizes that she's human! Sort of... She's a hybrid. She can barely talk and only knows a few things And the most important being that she loves Michael Clifford. 

And the only word she can even remotely say is:


whats_there_to_love whats_there_to_love May 01, 2016
You did all of that but you break your neck whilst walking 😂😂
Isabellelithen Isabellelithen Jul 28, 2016
It's actually really creative to write a fanfiction about a cat who's find by Michael instead of a fan who's found by Michael
a_lil_penguin a_lil_penguin Aug 22, 2016
Hey I'm Peter Pan! There can only be one... * disappears in cloud of green smoke*
SqueekyJumper13 SqueekyJumper13 Oct 01, 2015