Harry's Slave (HARRY STYLES FF)

Harry's Slave (HARRY STYLES FF)

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lexx By disneylex Updated Sep 03, 2015

He loved her, she hated him. But they both needed each other more than they realized. 


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My school is named freedom 
                              So I think hell 
                              Lmao no I'm kidding 
                              When I think of freedom....I think of liberty
i'm probs gonna say 'this is so fùcked up'... but i love fùcked... so fùck me up
gotta get that vitamin D, or was it C? idk my vitamins but I do know that that shiit ain't healthy
i would rather end my life than work for you selfish humans. This humanity has been doomed since day 1. We'll be fûcked before 2043 comes around. 😒 smh if only other planets were available, i would be GONE !
Damn Harry be trading slaves for them crops 
                              Kicking it civil war
It's 1:08 am.....the gif.....don't think I'll sleep tonight.....