The Famous Dare ; muke

The Famous Dare ; muke

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Bird☽ By Rudemgc Updated Feb 13, 2017

5 seconds of Summers management is looking for a new lead singer. 

So that's when the find Luke Hemmings. 

But the band doesn't like him. So they dare the guitarist Michael Clifford to find out every single thing about the blonde and then tell the world when they perform for the VMAs. They do it to try and get him out of the band 

But Michael wasn't expecting to grow feelings for Luke.


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_DelilahRose_ _DelilahRose_ Mar 25, 2017
How about I rip your balls in half so that one resides in South America and the other in North America?
tornandfrayeddreams tornandfrayeddreams Jun 11, 2017
How about I shove your head down a toilet so you can taste all of the sh*t you've been spurting
NicoDiAngeloxx NicoDiAngeloxx May 16, 2016
I would want all of them on my door and it would be THE MOSTEST AWESOMEST DOOR IN HISTORY!!! Bad grammar
iwillshrekyou iwillshrekyou Feb 17, 2016
i literally just started reading a minute ago and i'm already crying
wherrsyourchill wherrsyourchill Mar 12, 2016
Not even in 1 chapter and my heart is breaking bc luKE HEMMINGS IS CRYING