Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy)

Broken and Abused (BoyxBoy)

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James Keaton is a 16 year old boy that has been forced to grow up too fast. When James was around the age of three, his father came home drunk. His life was never the same after that. His mother left and his dad blamed him. James never got a break from being abused. At school he wasn't liked by any of the other students. He would be beaten everyday and then he would punish himself for being himself. He was a quiet abused gay boy, but he never hurt a soul.

Mikey Johnson has the definition of the perfect life. He is very close to both of his loving parents and he is the most popular and loved person in his school. But Mikey has a secret. He is gay. He has a secret crush on a cute and quiet boy named James Keaton but he doesn't like the idea himself being gay. He started to mentally abuse James in 9th grade and then it escalated. He takes all of his anger out on this poor boy that he doesn't realise is broken and dying inside. Will he finally accept himself and stop bullying James or will it be too late.

WARNINGS: This story will contain bullying, abuse, eating disorders, self harm, panic disorder, harsh language, rape, and alcohol abuse. This book will be very sad and please don't read if this could be triggering to you.

_My-War_ _My-War_ Dec 18, 2016
I'd drown myself
                              It's quite easy though. Stick your head under the water breathe it in. It goes to your lungs and starts burning and then kinda squeezes and after that your out.
MartaMoreira169 MartaMoreira169 Nov 23, 2016
*Falls to the ground lifeless* Cause of death : sarcasm😵😵
zjkerr2018 zjkerr2018 Dec 24, 2016
I saw the picture of James and for a second my expression was blank and then a huge smile spread over my face and I started giggling, yes giggling, uncontrollably. Ohmigoshhh that boy is hot!
I looked at the picture and I screamed "Damn james you fine or whatever" and I woke up my sister's
_My-War_ _My-War_ Dec 18, 2016
Someone at my old school went through this and ran away from home.