Ninja Style || Human!TMNT x Reader

Ninja Style || Human!TMNT x Reader

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King Reenami By Smo1Rage Updated Oct 06, 2016

"They're the most popular, most TALENTED, boys in school. Why would they EVER want someone like you?"

For the most part, you're an extremely normal high school girl. You focus on your studies. You have two best friends. You have your ever-so-popular enemies. Normal.

Your Junior year changed everything.

Four brothers, with exotic Renaissance names, but with expertise Japanese martial arts skills, enter the school, and already seem to know your two best friends, so they practically treat you like a princess. Why?

Tess_witha_Tea Tess_witha_Tea Jul 14, 2016
What happens if I'm the youngest? Can I change it in my head to older sibling?
Tess_witha_Tea Tess_witha_Tea Jul 14, 2016
                              Gosh is it bad if I totally know what hairstyle your talking about when all you describe it as is "whooshed up"?
Cupcakecutie250 Cupcakecutie250 Nov 23, 2016
DR.PRANKENSTIEN IS BACK *throws water balloons at everyone* oh!!
LovelyGirl5836 LovelyGirl5836 Nov 23, 2016
Yea why would they...
                              Reading that made me sad real sad that I almost clicked the back button thinking good bye world tomorrow hello world today
peepslovescats10 peepslovescats10 Nov 29, 2016
Fourth wall: *falls*
                              Me: And there goes the fourth wall bye bye 👋
lesly031 lesly031 Jul 27, 2016
I have eleven siblings and only one of them is younger than me.