High School Scandal (A BoyxBoy Romantic Comedy)

High School Scandal (A BoyxBoy Romantic Comedy)

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EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hot tempered and impulsive Derek James and Calm and composed Evan Staton has been best buds since the 3rd grade. Nicknamed the Two Musketeers in middle school, they went on to high school as well sought after popular guys. Still, Evan was the one who has gotten the most attention from all the girls mainly due to his celebrity good looks and style. Where ever he went, girls sighed and guys stepped back with grudging respect. But then he had to go and drop a scandalous bomb on Derek.

"I'm gay."

Determined and in denial, Derek makes it his mission to "reform" his best friend back to his full "non-gay" glory. But what happens when Derek starts to feel things he shouldn't? And DO things he shouldn't? Uh oh. Was being gay contagious? Was he suffering from "copy cat" syndrome or was this something else? Join Derek in his humorous adventure in attempting to save his friend from straying to what he called  "the path of no return" when he's slowly straying there himself!

Throw in a Yaoi maniac for a sister and a surprising situation that puts Derek and Evan in a very compromising position and we got ourselves the biggest scandal of the school year!

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Redlandboy Redlandboy Jan 06
The main reason I'm reading this is the promise of a yaoi maniac of a sister
omgkmt omgkmt Jan 02
All homophobes loooooove lesbian porn like tf you can't have it all buddy
Hm this is kind of alternative in the schools I've been too. A lot of the time, why they're still friends with the boy who sleeps w/ a lot of girls, a lot of guys are actually really against that sort of thinf
omgkmt omgkmt Jan 02
Bruh those dry pornos with the crappy acting and hella pixels
am i the only one who despises history and thinks it’s really useless if youre not gonna be like a historian or something
omgkmt omgkmt Jan 02
But side note I watch that like it's normal tv and actually would be fine just chilling and watching with a friend uno but I don't like nonathesehoes like that