My Little Bella.

My Little Bella.

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Vanessa By Twilight_Fan1435 Completed

Bella is 5 years old when a terrible car accident happens, leaving only her alive out of her, her mother and her father.

As if things could get worse, she has to live with her uncle, who is still mourning the lose of his wife, her aunt, Janis, and as a result, is abusive to Bella...terribly.

Who would save her from her uncle?
The Cullen's...? Read and Find Out!!

-I Do Not Own Any of the Original Twilight Characters. Those Are Property of S.M. I Only Own The Ones I Made Up. Enjoy-

zoe167 zoe167 Jan 29
How has that violent image been put into her mind?!?! That poor child
zoe167 zoe167 Feb 12
🎶It's the Mickey mouse murder house come inside it's fun inside🎶
                              ( to the tune of Mickey Mouse clubhouse)
It's "Mickey Mouse" 
                              Respect the mouse's name! lol 
                              Sorry that just bothered me
twitheart06 twitheart06 Jan 23
And some chapters after she is gonna feel guilty cos her parents' death "was her fault"...OMG I feel so sad for her right now
They call you Crybaby, Crybaby, but you don't fücking care. You laugh through your tears.