Peter Parker and Mary Jane

Peter Parker and Mary Jane

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CuriousToCrazy By FromCuriousToCrazy Updated May 17

Everything goes to Cartoon Network except my OC Nyx Kirkland

"Parker? Like Peter Parker?"
"Well if I'm Peter Parker, then you must be Mary Jane."

Picture was made by sheerturmoil on Tumblr

Cover was made by @DuskMintnight

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Instead of body language I read booty language! 😫😫😂😂
Wait Kirkland is the last name of England from Hetalia, I think...😂😂😂
Candace1209 Candace1209 Nov 10, 2016
Probably gonna get hate for this but I gotta do it...
                              Hello, my name is Enoby Darkness Dementia Way...
Shite_Writeer Shite_Writeer Oct 24, 2016
Ok, entirely random, but have you ever had eggs, biscuits  (American southern style) and sausage gravy (gravy with small bits of sausage in it), I swear if you haven't, you need too, before you die of boring flavors
Aiko_Etsuko Aiko_Etsuko Dec 27, 2016
I wish Nyx was in the show instead of the bloody Bimbo with a pole up her ass...
                              ...Ok i officially sound like England  (Arthur,Artie,Iggy)