Stay by me

Stay by me

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A high school AU where Dan nor Phil fit in with anyone.
They are known as social outcasts or misfits.

 and things get tough when you think you're all alone. 
But they're not.

There's an Andrew in my class and he's calls my girlfriend and I "Ugly lesbian faggots"
Artzzy_XI Artzzy_XI Aug 11
Thats like me with Andrea Russet: 
                              Omg you're so pretty
                              Please marry me
                              I love you omg
                              Friend: your gay is showing again
*in sarcastic tone* 
                              NOOOO why Phil you are totally NOT as straight as a wavy rain bow circle.
"Did you know your name rimed with spaniel towel?" "Yes, I was aware"
I have a confession to make...
                              (Sobs) (Crying) 
                              I... This is so hard for me but...
                              I'M A LESBIAN! AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!
                              (Goes on stereotypical YouTuber coming out rant)
Tbh my mum supports me and my dad... supports... me... (So I relate)