Stay by me

Stay by me

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A high school AU where Dan nor Phil fit in with anyone.
They are known as social outcasts or misfits.

 and things get tough when you think you're all alone. 
But they're not.

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Wait wait is this American is it different there because in Britain we go to secondary school after primary and when were 11, so is he eleven and already knows he is gay?
MusicMasta MusicMasta Oct 01
Who else thought about the photo booth challenge with Phil saying "Daniel. Daaaaneilll"? Please tell me I wasn't the only one
*Runs through wall scaring hell out of every one and walked over too phil*
                              R U SURE ABOUT THAT?
Don't start planing how you're going to kill him and cut him into pieces phil. Calm down child
I have a confession to make...
                              (Sobs) (Crying) 
                              I... This is so hard for me but...
                              I'M A LESBIAN! AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!
                              (Goes on stereotypical YouTuber coming out rant)
Tbh my mum supports me and my dad... supports... me... (So I relate)