Stay by me

Stay by me

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em By itsemisnotonfire Updated Nov 12, 2017


A high school AU where Dan nor Phil fit in with anyone.
They are known as social outcasts or misfits.

 and things get tough when you think you're all alone. 
But they're not.

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PhanielFanderTrash PhanielFanderTrash Nov 05, 2017
Wait wait is this American is it different there because in Britain we go to secondary school after primary and when were 11, so is he eleven and already knows he is gay?
MusicMasta MusicMasta Oct 01, 2017
Who else thought about the photo booth challenge with Phil saying "Daniel. Daaaaneilll"? Please tell me I wasn't the only one
leoizmi leoizmi Dec 15, 2017
Can relate to seeing someone that makes you go "DAAAAAMN!!!'' and question your sexuality
Already moaning and hasn’t even started the day- chill howell
leoizmi leoizmi Dec 15, 2017
All the Andrews I know are dick bags. If there is a decent Andrew out there then Ur the only one probably or lying. But I hope there is somewhere and you have my support,set examples for all of the dick bag Andrews.
douxlester douxlester Feb 11
me except when i hit my alarm i press stop and fall back to sleep, fuckk school man