Blood Bound

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Natshane By Natshane Updated 2 years ago
I was dying, left alone in a deserted alley with no identity, no memory.
    Until I met Caleb.
    He saved me that night from the pain, but most of all, he saved me from myself
@Natshane My romance will be back (hopefully) soon! I have two new ideas in my head and if I can get them drafter, I'll be home free.
@Natshane Pffffff, your writing is way more sophisticated than mine. I admire that. 
                                    But i haven't finished one of my works in ahes! Dx I actually deleted some, because they just weren't working out. Hopefull my next projects will go better!
*slow clap*
                                    Can I just...can I just marry your writing? WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THIS, I AM SO JEALOUS.
                                    I really do like this though! I expect you to continue this one, ya here? No more abandoning. Not when I've already decided that this story is going to be perfect.