The Jock's Heart | ✔️

The Jock's Heart | ✔️

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Ali Taylor has been brutally beaten by her drunken parents since she was seven years old, and she has been going through that for ten years now.  

As if that isn't enough, her classmates know all about what her parents do to her, but they refuse to believe her and call her an attention whore. That's been going on since she was fourteen, and still is three years later.

All those years full of sadness, and three years worth of no friends or support, Ali still has enough strength to get her through each and every day, despite all of the people telling her to end it all.

Then, someone comes along by the name of Hunter Johnson. He's your all around popular guy, but he too used to bully Ali, in fact he bullied her the most, and worst. All it took for Hunter was a little bit of proof, but is Ali willing to forgive him, after all of the crap he gave her? On the other hand, maybe that's all Ali has ever needed, a guardian angel.

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