Our Little Secret {stepsisters} {gxg}

Our Little Secret {stepsisters} {gxg}

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The_Lebsbian_LGBT By The_Lebsbian_LGBT Updated Jul 22, 2015

Alex's mother is getting married. She should be happy for her but she's honestly really pissed. 1) because she didn't even know her mom was dating Cole until after he decided to propose. 2) because she recently figured out that Cole has a daughter. 3) because his daughter goes to Alex's school and... well... Alex had a giant crush on her. 

When Claire and her dad move in with Alex and her mom, Alex has to come to terms with the fact that having a crush on your soon to be stepsister is wrong. But for some reason, she can't keep Claire off her mind. 

Little does she know, Claire feels the same way about Alex.

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ForzenWolf29 ForzenWolf29 Dec 30, 2017
I need a minute cause this is second hand embarrassment and its getting awkward....
Tweed2xtreme Tweed2xtreme Jul 28, 2017
If she was my Mom, I'd be beaten senseless , I talk back so much.😬
brialarry561 brialarry561 Dec 06, 2017
DAMN, EVEN I FELT THE EMBARRASSMENT. I LEGIT SCREAMED 'OH MY GOSH' and my Nana ran in da room like 'r u ok' 'did u break anything' 'what happened' all in that order😂😂😂
CourtneyDanielle5 CourtneyDanielle5 Dec 03, 2017
I do that every single day. My sisters called me ramen noodle head all the time when I was little, lol.