Our Little Secret {stepsisters} {gxg}

Our Little Secret {stepsisters} {gxg}

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The_Lebsbian_LGBT By The_Lebsbian_LGBT Updated Jul 21, 2015

Alex's mother is getting married. She should be happy for her but she's honestly really pissed. 1) because she didn't even know her mom was dating Cole until after he decided to propose. 2) because she recently figured out that Cole has a daughter. 3) because his daughter goes to Alex's school and... well... Alex had a giant crush on her. 

When Claire and her dad move in with Alex and her mom, Alex has to come to terms with the fact that having a crush on your soon to be stepsister is wrong. But for some reason, she can't keep Claire off her mind. 

Little does she know, Claire feels the same way about Alex.

dboez2dppl dboez2dppl Aug 01
I don't care if your my mom, if I come out to you and you put your hands on me your getting hit right the fùck back. Fùck outta here with that bullshìt
Ugh my parents went though my phone and found out. 
                              Saw my texts with my girlfriend 
                              I was really not ready, it's sucked
camisgay camisgay Jul 12
When I come out my dad make dad jokes 😂😉 "hi gay I'm dad!" (Not kidding Fml) 
                              Then "mom" (she's my biological mom but' I hate her.) said that I need to pray the gay away. Like bitchhh I've tried and trust me Hun it hasn't change , in fact I went from bi to lesbian.
Ya_Boob Ya_Boob Aug 26
🎶Didn't they tell you that I was savage🎶 fuckin 2 men and then marriage🎶
Well you got hit welcome to the black life..... When her mother beat your ass
camisgay camisgay Jul 12
If I had a crush on my stepsister before she become my step sister. I'd still flirt and try to date her tbh. Fûck society!