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Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Aspiring Writer By that_fangirl120 Updated 4 days ago

No matter who you are, what you are, if you've done a crime, you must be punished. And that's something that Zeus takes seriously. Wondering who committed the crime? Percy, Percy Jackson. He says that he didn't do it but the evidence against him proves different. When it's time for him to be punished, he runs away, hoping to never be caught, forgotten. But not when he is wanted, wanted dead or alive. Want to know who committed the crime? Read to find out.
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razor_is_my_name razor_is_my_name Sep 30, 2016
Wow that was really stupid to say your close. That's a immense hint but still lol!
- - Sep 04, 2016
Right, and Achilles and Patroclus are the closest friends in the whole world.
TheAshInTheShadows TheAshInTheShadows Aug 30, 2016
Will was like a brother 
                              Like a brother
                              A brother
                              BROTHER BROTHER WHAT DO U MEAN BROTHER
                              😭😭my poor solangelo ship has sunk 😖😖😖
YumitsCandy YumitsCandy a day ago
Ummm.... Did Zeus not read the part of where he was accused of a crime?
- - Sep 04, 2016
Wow, Percy, is this how you thank Will for saving Annabeth from that poisonous stab wound and making Nico happy?
Didn't anyone stop to think about the fact that his fatal flaw is loyalty?