Party, Party

Party, Party

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Ariettie Silver By AriettieSilver Updated May 13

Deam Caelis is a name that circulates around a lot these days. 
An infamous lunatic.
A lady of the court.
The guard dog of the most wanted mafia leader in the Inner City... 
As well as his on-call-off-call girlfriend.  

I'm off my fucking nut, is what I'm getting at. And way out of my emotional depth. Falling in love was something I'd never been good at, neither was caring for someone other than myself. 

The more I break, the longer it's taking to pick up the pieces...

Or some emotional bullshit like that. 

Reviews for Party, Party❤️:

"Easy to understand depth of the psychotic. A look into the mind of what we fear and villainize in any other story." - Syrain146

"Deam's adventure through difficult life events really puts a tear in my eye. She evil to most, but when reading her story she's really just been made that way." - Pila Hilton

"My favourite heroine in a reverse harem by far. A strong female icon (not that I'm encouraging brutal murder) for anyone in a romantic stitch portrayed in AtlasxDeam. Ariettie has really outdone herself with the lore this time." - HelloMellos

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Can some one pause this? The popcorn is done and I need to go get it!
Oh I can already tell this is gonna be a good one. I'm looking forward to this.
Storm_Frenzy Storm_Frenzy Aug 06, 2017
The only cool way to leave a battle scene is flying on a griffin's back or jumping on a moving train