Party, Party

Party, Party

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"I'm not the princess that needs rescuing..." 

Meet the spunky and impulsive rebel Deam Caelis. She likes nothing but to 'party', (running her ammo dry), but when she makes it to the main city, is she out of her depth? Offered a hand from the most dangerous criminals the world has to offer, what's a girl to do? Scream and run?

Sorry, that's not Deam's style. 

She bites back. With a kick and a flick of her overly excessive weaponry, Deam relays the message that's she a maniac not to be messed with. But as she's thrown into situations that shape and change her, what's to become of her beloved.... 

"I'm the dragon who locked the whiny bitch in a tower."


"All Deam wants to do is have a party, but that's not how the world works. And frankly, her lesson will come in chapters full of emotional blows. Party,
Party is a story with romance (multiple), complex plot, a bit of gore and mind screwing twists. But all the same, I think everyone can agree that Deam is everyone's favourite trigger happy psychopath!" 
- @/stephanie_gar142

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The only cool way to leave a battle scene is flying on a griffin's back or jumping on a moving train