Virgin High

Virgin High

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Sienna Ngo By LilDreamer382 Updated Aug 12

Welcome to the school for manwhores and fuck boys.  Here, our main focus is to stop the abnormal sexual appetite of young men and their dickhead behavior. We offer our students quality treatment to help them regain their senses and think with their brains instead of their dicks. Hopefully we can convert these corrupted children back into the innocent virgins they once were.


After their mum enrols Tori's brother, Theo at a summer school for manwhores to rehabilitate their virginities. Theo manages to persuade her to take his place at Virgin High. Unlike her Sex God brother Theo, Tori isn't very..actually not hot at all. She has zero sex appeal and has never gone closer than holding hands in a relationship with the opposite gender. 

Can Tori survive dressed up as a boy in a school full of horny teens for a whole summer? How long can she keep her identity a secret when her roommate  is the baddest boy in the school? And what will happen to her when he finds out?

Please give my book a go! xx

I mean not to suggest anything but idk maybe even the opposite of a vagina
Bruh. Your saying YOUR ugly. You look amazing. Yiur just making us ugly people feel bad. Because if your ugly, then we must be butt ugly.
Omfg my friend likes him but all I know is he's a younower and find him normal
Audrey Hepborn and Kiera Knightly. Theodore (whatever-his-name-is; from the divergent series).
kittycat_14 kittycat_14 Jun 01
This book is so funny!!😂😂😂I luv it already!!😍😍😍
I feel like this is going to turn out like the film "she's the man"