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exactlyaly By exactlyaly Updated May 08

Could I have foolishly, completely fallen in love with a girl under my responsibility as her stepfather?


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P.s: this is not kinky shit but hey, I'm not promising.

Something tells me her stepdaddy is gonna be her first actually, harold
MegPepp10 MegPepp10 Nov 18
Oh baby you will FALLLLLLLL long and hard for him, but he zayned out on y'all so you're kinda outta luck, sowe
MegPepp10 MegPepp10 Nov 18
How does someone not like THE Luke Hemmings. Like reality check, he's bæ
Okay lowkey why is tickling people supposed to be sexy or whatever like bïtch don't touch me or learn to expect a fist in your face straight up stay in yo personal bubble aight
_larry_loving _larry_loving 3 days ago
U don't need to be married to be devoted to someone for the rest of your life