He Makes The Stars Shine Brighter [Sting x Reader] || First Book

He Makes The Stars Shine Brighter [Sting x Reader] || First Book

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》i don't own fairy tail, all i own is this book and its plot. i created the cover but the picture i used does not belong to me!! i'll give credit where credit is due; all credits go to their respectful owner.

》warning! the use of foul language is very frequent in this book and it also contains scenes inappropriate for younger readers! if any of this things do not appeal to you, i suggest pulling up another sting eucliffe x reader that does cater to your needs!

》contains S P O I L E R S!! again, you have been warned


After you've heard the devastating news that many of your best friends had died at the hands of Acnologia at the holy grounds of Tenroujima, your life had dulled drastically.

One day, it all turned around and you found yourself joining the Grand Magic Games, which you didn't even think about until that fateful day. You met a very. . .interesting Dragon Slayer who got on your nerves very quickly, thought at the same time, he elicited this unspeakable emotion from you.

Although your relationship with this boy couldn't become anything more than it already was- all because of the circumstances you and he were put under.

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It sounds like me as a kid during pretend, “NO! I HAVE EVERY MAGIC POWER!”
I'm sorry I'm a lil ugly so that's gonna be hard.
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So... that includes...
                              Lemon dragon slayer? *wink wonk noodge noodge*