Growing Up (Kirito x Reader) *#Wattys2015*#feels*

Growing Up (Kirito x Reader) *#Wattys2015*#feels*

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Juvia Lockser By _Juvia__Lockser_ Completed

As you struggle to make it through SAO the death game that you got trapped in you find yourself on encounters with good and evil while along the way falling in love once again with your childhood crush what's in store for you and him!?

Read and find out!

Book 1: Growing Up (Kirito x Reader)
Book 2: The Future of Us (Kirito x Reader)

NOO I REFUSE! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY BOY UNLESS IT'S KIRITO! *sends boyfriend to guillotine and his head falls in the basket*
WHAT?!?!?!? NOOOO!!!!'KIRITO IS BABE SO YOU GO DIE!!!!!!!! *murders my "boyfriend"*
Swag2Dream_Big Swag2Dream_Big 4 days ago
Ha!! In the real world,but imma going to be stuck here and this is not the real world~! Chau!
Zack, ima just give you Asuna and I'll go to Kirito... buh-byeeeee!!!!!
I mean. I don't have a big ego, o don't brag, and I know it would definitely not be wise to be telling a stranger all this information about myself.
I would have just turned 19... I think... Idk if I did the math right