She's my Personal Assistant ( A Gruvia Fanfic )

She's my Personal Assistant ( A Gruvia Fanfic )

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JIKOOK ♥ GRUVIA By Gruvia3867 Updated Mar 04

She cares for him..

She loves him...

She helps him...

She's the one who changed his entire life into a fun one...

She's his Personal Assistant...

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Started: November 27, 2015

Gray Fullbuster, one of the richest man in Japan, needs a Personal Assistant since his previous one left him. Gray's father left him and his mother for another woman. After knowing that, Gray's mom committed suicide. Gray's life has never been easy... because of his parents.. He became too melancholic and never loved anyone. He's grumpy, strict and inconsiderate.

Juvia Lockser needed a job for her sick mother who's been confined in the hospital for the longest time now. She's kind, cute and caring. Even if everyone said that he's so grumpy, Juvia still loves him.

What fate lies between them?

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Happy_Dragneel-fish Happy_Dragneel-fish Jul 03, 2017
I just want to say that the title and Bio for this story sounds like a Sasusaku fanfic lol
....super comfy.......
                              Does anyone not feel  comfortable just because Mira's and you're scared she'll just ship Gruvia so hard?
Me: Aww, you poor cake baby.... do we spoil her too much..?
                              Erza: Jelly Man!! Levy was being logical and my head hurts!!!!!!
                              Jellal: Shhhh! Come 'ere, Erzie-Muffin.
                              Admit it, that was a cute spin-off story..
                              Yup, you really are an ICE demon slayer.
aderinolaolaleye aderinolaolaleye May 07, 2017
I've wached a movie like this it was so cute 😊😊😊.but The guy kills himself😭😭😭😭😭😭
Done, Blueberry cake and Stwabewwy Cak.
                              I'm not an idiot........actually, I might be...