♢ Kiss Me Sweet 《Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight》 ♢

♢ Kiss Me Sweet 《Tokyo Ghoul/Vampire Knight》 ♢

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Kiratanna By Kiratanna Updated Apr 23, 2017

"It's cold." a girl roughly the age of 7 stated as she stared down at her snow-covered hands. 

'Pure white snow Miyako.' echoed a ghostly voice, strangely like her own. The girl, Miyako, looked left and right, trying to find the voice only the be met with silence. She casted her gaze back onto her hands. 

"What is pure white?" she asked again out loud. "What is snow?"

'It is...something that is not red' the voice answered. 

"What is something not red?" she asked again shifting her gaze to look up to the sound of footsteps approaching her.

"Are you lost, little lady?" asked a tall, menacing figure with black scleras and red pupils gazing down at her. 

'That is...' 

May I have a taste of your blood?" asked the mysterious figure as red wings and scaly tails sprouted from his back. 

'They eat the flesh and blood of people and their own kind alike. They are beasts disguised as humans.' 

"Then what am I?" questioned the same girl 16 years later in a city the humans called Tokyo

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AnimeIsCoolAndKawaii AnimeIsCoolAndKawaii Jun 11, 2017
....i was reading The Centipede but it had no more chapters so i searched and found this story :) i think i will love this story
Lexie_Marie_Winston Lexie_Marie_Winston Aug 28, 2016
I have read all of Vampire Knight and watched all of Tokyo Ghoul and Vampire Knight
mcellean mcellean Aug 26, 2016
Hi AkaneKitanna!!!! Please update!! I hope you have free time to update soon!! :D
Leavinnng Leavinnng May 01, 2016
I lover that book-"The Centipede", by sombigail-chan- it's so awesome!
IHeartbreakLover IHeartbreakLover May 05, 2016
So you change it with miyako instead, that's cool and awesome with how you started is giving me chills like from the shiw
xYaoYaox xYaoYaox Nov 26, 2015
I remember when I said I was planning on updating at least once a week. Didn't go out so well for me XD