The Rampage of August Alsina | Completed | Book 1 | Editing

The Rampage of August Alsina | Completed | Book 1 | Editing

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Logged Out :( By kveen_ Completed

August Alsina a notorious serial killer. Who kills for the fun of it until his finally put in jail after 5 years of his rampage but it doesn't stop he still kills while in jail

Until a new detective Nadia Nile who's working on cases that deal with August. She's wants to know about his life and why he started killing. 

As she's working on his crimes they take a liking towards each other but Nadia doesn't want to fall in love with a killer or does she? ©2015

lovingrari lovingrari Jul 19
He crazy, but like I said who don't like a little crazy in bed😊
crimminal minds and law and order😁😁😁😄😄😄😄yasss
EllaBorders EllaBorders May 18
This My First Time Reading This Book & I Love It Already 💕😍😍😍 Plus I'm A HUGE Fan Of August Alsina Dats Bby Lol .
Whitney92 Whitney92 Apr 03
Hmmmm...interesting..looks like they have a tag killer on their hands
I Know He's Supposed To Be The Bad Guy But I Cant Think Of HimAs A Bad Person 😭
Just gunna put this out there, I LOVE criminal minds it's my favorite show