Daddy and His Princess

Daddy and His Princess

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ieroglitter By ieroglitter Updated Jul 21, 2016

Frank's POV

I've been looking in paper and the internet for jobs. Gerard and I are living on our money I made from my last job. 

I had to quit all I did was sit in a room. Made good money, but I hated it. 

Gerard had been so supportive, but he also pushes me towards looking for a new job because he said "we mope to much". 

Which honestly we do, but love it. We moved in together in a nice apartment after high school and we're still together since freshman year. I Iove him to death.

"Daddy!!" I hear Gerard shout as he runs out of his room with a pastel pink skirt on and a white sweater on.

"Hey kitten, what's up?" I ask sitting on the sofa, letting him jump on my lap. 

"Daddy do you know where my sockies are?" Gerard ask as he leans over to the side of me, falling to the side of the sofa.

"Um, I did laundry, they're probably in the dryer." I said as Gerard jumps off the sofa and runs to the laundry room.

I sigh and get off my lazy butt and go get dressed. I have two interviews t...

I have like 5 fuhking towels because my sister makes slime and puts it all over my towels and it makes me want to die cause she doesn't clean it then my parents blame me
Why does everyone have a single towel? I have like twenty lmao
I have chicken nuggies but they're adult shaped because my mom bought them and thinks I'm a MATURE INDEPENDENT GENDER but im a submissive lil bitch who wants to die
Forgive me of my sins therefore make me holy and one your your children again lord
First off ^ and second off I want to be gee right now. I'm so jealous