Getting To Know The Bad Boy

Getting To Know The Bad Boy

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**ALTERNATE VERSION in process of being written!! Posted under this profile as A Cinderella Bad Boy Story! Check it out :)) **

Hayden Marvel. Trey Parker. Total opposites. Hayden is sweet and innocent, and everyone who knows her just loves her. Trey is the star basketball player and hottest guy in the school, with a rep for being the bad boy since he's constantly stirring up trouble.   

But then, a masked dance at their school, the unlikely duo share a night like Cinderella had at the ball. Will the mysterious one reveal themself? Or will they keep it a secret, and hurt the other one in the process?  

Hayden and Trey end up becoming unexpected friends, and along the way, Hayden starts to realize that maybe this bad boy isn't so bad after all.  

But what happens after hearts are broken and secrets are uncovered?   

*** it's a major cliche guys. just so you're prepared. also UNEDITED

Crazyforya1 Crazyforya1 Nov 13, 2016
Watch the Sex Offender Shuffle on YouTube. You will regret it
Crazyforya1 Crazyforya1 Nov 13, 2016
If teachers didn't want you to be late then they shouldn't have put the classrooms all the way in Antarctica
Yo wassup bad boys are to cool! Keep it up sistah or brotha!
🎵For the first time in forever 🎤
                              IT WASN'T A LOOK OF INDIFFERENCE NOR A SMIRK 
This is me. My friends get so annoyed when I talk about their crushes or anything cause I'm so damn loud that I'm pretty sure everyone in the hallway could hear me 😂😂
xX-ArcticMonkeys-Xx xX-ArcticMonkeys-Xx Dec 05, 2016
At my high school we would just go and get a tardy and go back to class or just leave👌🏼